...HIT ME LIKE A WRECKING BALL. *queue the music* 

Ok, so I'm a little dramatic. In all honestly, I think my "quarter-life crisis" began back in March, right after a Lenten Retreat led by Dr. Alex Gotay. I remember I started to write a post about it titled, "CALLED TO SOMETHING GREATER" but for some reason or another, I never did. Perhaps because now is the right time to dive a little deeper into it. 

Dr. Alex Gotay shared his life and was SO REAL everyone in the room was moved in some way, shape, or form. For me, I felt that I was called to something greater, but what? To be honest, it's been on my mind for a long time, so with that and the thought of turning 25 in a few days, I  freaked out, naturally.  

What am I doing? Where am I headed? Am I making a difference? These are all questions constantly circulating in my mind. For awhile I felt something missing. And after reflecting on it I think I'm starting to understand little by little. 

So after reflecting, I think I'm called to use my talents and showcase who I am to the world. One day when God asks me what I did with the talents He gave me, I want to have an answer.  I've also learned about myself is that God has a special timing for you, and a special timing for me. I think now is MY time to do SOMETHING GREAT. 

So here it goes... stay tuned!