TREAT YO'SELF ft. David Yurman Châtelaine Bracelet


You've been working hard - coming in early, putting in the hours and staying late - so why not reward yourself?

With a gift card to Bloomingdales (received for recognition), I went out and bought the David Yurman Châtelaine Bracelet, and I absolutely love it! 

The best part? Every time I wear this beautiful bracelet, I'm reminded of how hard I worked to earn this GEM (Amethyst). I had been eyeing David Yurman jewelry for awhile, but I wasn't sure which piece to go with. The Châtelaine Collection came out and I knew this was it (something different - not the classic piece everyone has)! 

This piece has a twist cable (David Yurman's signature) with a hook clasp. To be honest, I was originally hesitant about the hook clasp, thinking it somehow would break easily. What was I thinking? It's David Yurman.

I love how I can pair this bracelet with anything - a touch of classiness!