We live in a time where practically anything can be brought directly to our doorstep. Lazy to go out to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients needed to try out that new recipe? No problem - sign up for Blue Apron and you're all set! 

I've been hearing about Blue Apron for quite awhile now and it was about time I gave it a shot. More times than not, food pictures look waaay better than the real deal. With Blue Apron, the pictures and the real deal are equally something to drool over! 

With perfectly portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipes, Blue Apron is great for someone who wants to try something new! 

Catfish Katsu & Yakiniku Sauce with Sesame Cabbage & Jasmine Rice

Chicken & Rice Casserole with Kale & Cremini Mushrooms

Roasted Pork

Chicken Milanese 

Roasted Pork & Chicken Milanese

Roasted Pork with Apple, Walnut & Farro Salad