It's a perfect blend - a nice mix of dark and bright to get those lips screaming, "POP, POP!" 

Back in 2015, I treated myself to Sephora's Favorites Give Me More Lip. This gift set consisted of 15 lip products (glosses to lipsticks) 4 of which were full size lipsticks! A set value of $179, so I had to get my hands on this when it was on sale for $59. The best thing about buying a gift set of lip products is that you're able to test all sorts of shades and see what works best. For me, I fell in love with majority of the colors and quite frankly, I'm still going strong with a bunch of the lip products from when I got them in 2015! Of the 15, I would wear the lippies on their own to show their true color against my skin, and sometimes I would even blend the colors together to see what other shade I could create! I'm all about "experimenting!"   

Anywaaaaaay, I fell in love with the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Homegirl, a more matte black cherry color. Now, at the time, I wasn't a big fan of how dark this looked on my lips so I figured why not mix this super dark shade with one of the lighter and brighter ones from the set! You guessed it, I paired Homegirl with Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in the shade, Peony. With both extremes, the mix was FABULOUS. 

First applying Homegirl all around my lips and then applying Peony in the center of the lips and working my way around (ever so lightly) to give that perfect blended pinky color! AH, I AM OBSESSED! 

Honestly, I think this color looks amazing for the summer time! Let me know what you guys think and what your go-to summer lip is in the comments below!