If you're big on social media with a good number of followers and enjoy writing reviews on products, I suggest signing up for Influenster! Not sure what that is? Let me tell you. 

What is Influenster? 

Influenster is a product discovery platform for opinionated, social media savvy consumers to discover and share knowledge on products through sampling, reviews, and more!

What do you do on Influenster? 

  • browse & write reviews 
  • ask questions, get answers 
  • test FREE products

Influenster wants to see how influential you are so be sure to link all your social media accounts for a high impact! 

What's a VoxBox and how do I qualify for one? 

VoxBoxes are packages filled with complimentary products. Sometimes this can be an assortment of products or just a focus on one brand with a special product. 

By answering "Snaps" and measured by Social Impact across connected networks, amongst other factors, Influensters receive FREE themed product shipments based on information disclosed. 

Remember, those with a strong social presence and high activity are prioritized, well because, those are the INFLUencers! 

Be sure find out more about Influenster here

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