Blenderelle - Makeup Blender Case

For awhile now, I had been searching for a solution to protect my makeup sponge / beauty blender. Upon using my damp sponge to apply foundation, I would throw it back into my makeup bag where who knows what kind of bacteria was lurking inside, not to mention a complete mess. A simple twist and you can easily open the case. The 3 areas (top, middle, and bottom) are essential for effective ventilation when drying a damp sponge. With the purchase of Blenderelle, I can now

  1. Carry my makeup sponge on-the-go (very compact and lightweight) without worrying about a dirty sponge and makeup bag!

  2. Place it on my vanity when not in use for quite a stylish look

Looking to purchase one yourself? Check it out on Amazon!

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The easiest and by far the CHEAPEST solution to cleaning my dirty makeup brushes is by using ZOTE, a laundry bar soap sold at your local Walmart for a little over a DOLLAR! 

I'm telling you guys, y'all need to try this! Go check out my YouTube video on how I clean my dirty makeup brushes & sponges with ZOTE!

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